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Default Sassan...F your people!

So there's this new douche bag that goes to the gym in the morning. Probably late 40's early 50's. Dude lacks regard for general gym etiquette. We only have 2 power racks, 1 smith machine and 1 leg press. Today, he was using the smith machine, leg press, 1 power rack and was jumping around between machines and dumbbells. He was using each maybe every 15-20 minutes or so. So I wanted to use the leg press so i hopped on and he gave me a snarky look and I stared right back at him. I didn't give two shits. So when he was done, as expected, he didn't re-rack any of his weights, leaving dumbells on the floor and weights everywhere (poor girl after him had to unrack 185lbs from the squat rack). I knew he was going to be a douche bag from day 1 because he was wearing an ohio state shirt, ohio state shorts and an ohio state hat. EVERY workout, he wears something ohio state. Typical.
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