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Originally Posted by Sassan View Post
1. All laptops will have the exact same keyboard layouts.

-Don't you hate when you switch computers, i.e. home comp to work comp, and the layouts are not the same? Da fuq.
I mean they should all be QWERTY, but the size of the laptop contributes to where the arrow keys are, and whether it has a Number pad

I do have a Lenovo Yoga and always fuck up the shift/up key because itís stupid, so I understand your point here.


2. Fuck the airlines and their rules.

-I am in Nashville, got done with meetings early this afternoon, instead of late. Can't fly home until tomorrow without paying $350 in fees, despite there being flights nearly empty. Stupid. Rather give someone shit service than fill a seat.


3. Beef jerky will become cheaper and have less sodium.

-Cuz who doesn't like beef jerky?
Itís not that expensive.

4. Cable/TV remotes will be standardized too.

-See #1.
Iíd like to see more Bluetooth/RF remotes and work with all devices.


5. Google will stop ruining my youtube videos with ads. I don't want to watch 30 secs about some stupid ad before watching a 2 minute video about whatever the fuck.

That is a good start.
Technically itís the channel. You can turn off Ads when you upload to YouTube. So itís whoever uploaded it being greedy.

Now Facebook can piss off with their ads on videos.

My contribution:

Fiber/Gig internet availability everywhere. My new house has shit internet.

Return of the V8s. Fuck those turbo 4s and 6s.

Daylight Savings Time forever. It sucks leaving work at 5 in the dark.
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