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Originally Posted by Sassan View Post
I was 14 month when I came to this country, so I am as Ohioan as my neighbor.........I dunno, I just LOVE the snow. Got me a bad ass new snowblower last week, a big monster to use the three times a year I will actually need it and am so excited to bust it out tonight. I am the guy who does my driveway, my neighbor's driveway, the neighbor's neighbor's driveway, the sidewalk, etc. To me, it's fun.

Maybe cuz it only happens a few times a year, so I enjoy it while I can? Buffalo can go suck it.
Born and raise in NY my entire life. FUCK SNOW.

I'm actually that guy too that does my neighbors driveways and sidewalks. I have a 24" 2-stage snow blower, that I will admit is fun to use. Shit grinds up everything, including ice. Love it! I like to aim the shoot at my kids and get them while they make snow angels. Lol.

I just hate the after snow. All the salt that is everywhere. Your car is filthy. Salt in the entrance of your house. Clothing gets dirty because of dirty snow that's picked up on the back of your pant legs as you walk. Parking spots are hard to park because of the mounds. Or mountains of snow take up parking. You use a ton of windshield washer fluid and then have to fill it every week in the cold. THAT'S all the stuff I hate.
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