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Originally Posted by Black Dragon View Post
^apparently, at this point, you wouldn't know 'truth' if it came and bit you on the ass.
Please, don't pretend to know me.
Originally Posted by deft View Post
Russian bots have invaded the site, time to shut it down.
Spoken like a true libtard.

Are you guys trying to be funny or something? You both failed...miserably...but, I guess that last part's fitting for you both.

I wish I could say you sound like idiots, but that's an insult to idiots everywhere.

Once again, you trolls have turned a non-political thread into an anti-Trump tirade because, obviously, that's all you know how to do anymore. You guys are so lame and pathetic that you have all but quit your actual lives to sit on the internet and bitch about the President, as if it does ANYTHING except drive people away.

No wonder the site, much like your personalities, is cold and dead.

I really don't know WHY Sharky even WANTS to be here, but I know I don't.
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