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10 years ago, I said the playoffs and E$PN are gonna ruin the sport. We are here.

Look at the bowl games......EMPTY seats, the Outback bowl was pathetic to watch on TV when the stands were shown, as were MANY of the other games.

Don't tell me there isn't a benefit to E$PN for this? They are promoting the shit out of their network and SEC Network while they are at it.

Clemson should not have been in. Neither should Bama.

My proposal to a playoff, since everyone is nut-squeezed to have one:

1. No preseason rankings until the last week of Sept. By then, you have played 3-4 games and we know somewhat who you are.
2. No non-conference games in November. No Mercer, Citadel, etc. You MUST play conference teams.
3. BCS polls are used to determine the playoff top 4. Why? Because currently you have 13 people in a room. When using 13 different polls, the value of one person's opinion drops from 1/13th of the equation to maybe 1/300th, so less of an influence.

Going to 6, 8, 12 teams isnt going to fix the problem, it will just let even less deserving teams in.

Auburn beat Georgia and Bama, then got beat by UCF. Does this mean UCF will beat Bama? No, but they should have had a chance to prove themselves.

This system is horseshit.
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