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Originally Posted by LSUtigerME View Post
No, in many sports it’s an auto bid from your conference TOURNAMENT. The conference champ does not get an auto-bid. In NCAA basketball, I despise the fact that a quality bubble team gets pushed out simply because some shitshow won a shitty conference because the powerhouse team rested its starters. I’m simply proposing that they be in the top RPI 200, or in football T25. Similarly, I’d also say any G5 conference champ ranked in T15 should get an Auto-bid.
I meant tournament not conference

There’s been a ton of talks of conference realignment. There is not a current benefit to being in a conference, except the scheduling advantage. ND actually did a good job scheduling opponents. For example in years past, Baylor scheduling nothing but rudy-poo teams. And one lost cost them (and TCU and the B12) in the end.
The only benefit is the media money pouring. The B1G and SEC both lead the way in terms of revenue. But with the changing dynamics of the television industry, who knows how much longer that lasts. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see the P5 schools form and develop their own conference and wave adios to the NCAA altogether and all their restrictions. There was talk 2-3 years ago to form a Division IV and the NCAA panicked and caved into some rules.

Both are T25 teams. MSU with Fitzgerald at QB, and LSU at the end of the season.
#notmyrankings Lol

Losses always tend to come first (amongst P5 teams), with signature wins used as tie breakers.

Alabama played 9 P5 opponents. OSU played one more P5, but also lost one more. They won the conference, and that should count for something. But, under the current committee guidance, it is not required. The whole industry swings back and forth on the value of it. LSU received the benefit of it in 2007, while Georgia and VT suffered. Auburn was left out after an undefeated season. OkSt left out in 2011.
Playoff teams should not be determined by people arguing in room. It should be settled on the field, which is why I feel that the champs of the P5 conferences are deserving.

There’s no legitimate outcry for them to be in CFP. They are not one of the 4 best. They deserve a shot, but with only 4 teams, you have to be able to evaluate the teams without them having played each other.
Part of the problem these strong G5 schools have is scheduling quality P5 opponents. P5 schools will try to avoid it because they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. No G5 school will ever make a CFP under the current system. They would need to start ranked at in the top 10 and go undefeated. And even so, I can easily see 1-loss P5 teams getting in over them.

You’re so stuck on this Mercer game. The SEC sets the schedule dates. They also schedule FSU for the FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON. Hindsight shows FSU w/o their QB was not that good, but I’m not gonna knock their schedule and mercer. They have the full SEC schedule + FSU.

I have an issue with this “when you lose” philosophy. Lose early, and you’re allowed to recover and recoup and be a “different team”. Dominate, and lose to a T5 ranked rival late in the season, and all of a sudden you don’t deserve any recognition.

I despise Alabama. I hate that they are given the opportunity to get in. However, I think they deserve it. I just hope they reform the CFP process.
This is the firs time I mentioned mercer. but I feel that FCS "wins" should not count toward your tally in the CFP. The competition just is not there. Agreed with everything else you said, except bama being dersving
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