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Originally Posted by LSUtigerME View Post
P5 Auto Bids, but with a minimum criteria met similar to the criteria for a BCS bowl. You don’t reward some shit school in a shitty division because they win one big game (conf championship). I hate the auto bids in the basketball tournament and I’ll hate them here, unless there’s some qualifying criteria.
Every single sport's conference/division champ advances to the playoffs except CFB. I love the autobids in the NCAA as it puts a strong emphasis on winning your conference. You can have a .500 sweep the conference and that makes for a great story. And, like the tournament, it won't take away from SOS because if you lose your conference game, you can still make the playoffs with quality wins.

I mean, what's the point of competing in a conference then? Notre Dame theoretically, can have an easy path the CFP if they scheudule easier opponents.


They were quality wins for Bama, but not the greatest.
They are "quality" wins because both teams are grossly overranked. IMO, MSU and LSU are no better than Iowa.

As far as Bama vs tOSU, you also have to look at their losses. Bama lost to Auburn, a top 10 team. 1-loss. That’s it. tOSU has 2-losses, and that trumps the signature wins. Ohio State handles business against Iowa and there’s no question.
And OSU lost to the #2 ranked playoff team. No, the loses do not trump the signature wins. Alamba played only 8 P5 opponents this year while OSU played 10. OSU had 2 top 10 victories and Alabama had none. OSU won the conference and Alabama got smoked by Auburn. if anything Auburn should be there over Alabama.

ESPN is not going anywhere. As much as people complain and bitch, they are a powerhouse and there’s little alternative. Their actual sports broadcasts are terrific. When they stick to sports, and not political or social events, ESPN/ABC is unmatched.
ESPN has tried to monopolize the industy and now they are too saturated. They will be definitely continue downsizing and I expect fox and/or cbs to pick up the more coverage.

UCF went undefeated, but in a weaker conference, why no outcry?
There's plenty of outcry. But they did not have any top 15 wins, just like alabama The have a NY6 bowl, which is still great. while the AAC is not considred a P5, thoose schools play at a P5 level.

The fact is that in college football, EVERY game matters. Handle business EVERY week, and you’ll “leave no doubt”. Play a tougher schedule, risk losing, and receive credit/edge over teams of similar record. Conference auto-bids diminish that, and will lead to WEAK schedules.
Alabama had weakest schedule of any of the top 8 teams. They fucking played mercer as a warm-up to play Auburn and still got rocked. YET, they are still in. But everyone and especially ESPN (who has a nice financial interest in the conference) loves to circlejerk the SEC as the greatest conference known to mankind. So since Alabama only has 1 loss in the SEC, they must still be an elite team.
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