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That's bullshit. You can't just claim a NAME and give it terms like that. You don't OWN the name, and you can't control how and when people use it.

And, again, it wasn't a jab at Indians or Pocahontas herself, JUST Elizabeth Warren. The name Pocahontas wasn't being used as a slur - a slur is something like the n-word, spic, wop, beaner, etc. It was a flippant sarcastic remark because Pocahontas is a famous and recognizable Indian name.

It's all about intent and interpretation. People with common sense can see he wasn't INTENDING to be mean or racist or hurtful, just joking about ONE particular person, NOT an entire race. People who are offended by it have MISINTERPRETED the joke, and need grow the fuck up.
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