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Carfreak isn't the only one he ran off. There's no problem with having a difference of opinion, but Deft takes it to a whole nother level... Not up, but down! Right into hell!

Instead of coming in to a topic and simply stating his opinion or saying "here's how I feel about the issue, or here's what I think happened / should happen..." he immediately starts attacking us members and calling us names and questioning our intelligence and talking mad shit about us personally instead of focusing on the topic at hand.

Because he disagrees with how we think or feel about a subject, it becomes personal to him for some reason and he will let you know it. Every fucking time. With every fucking post you make. He can't just keep scrolling or move along or keep quiet or make some sort of ambiguous statement. No, he has to let you know what a fucking idiot you are and how he can't believe that you even breathe the same air he does.