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Originally Posted by Black Dragon View Post
ever heard of a car? is Illinois surrounded by a moat with a no-fly zone? last time I checked, people could drive in and out of Illinois.

there you go again, doing a Conway. While your statement may be by its very definition technically correct, it's not like the Obama admin was falling all over themselves to approve bump stocks. rather, under current law, they couldn't find legal language to prevent the sales. of course the NRA is there to cockblock anytype of reasonable legislation.

Did Obama administration approve bump stocks? | PolitiFact
So now you are saying that guns are bought illegally. As i have said before enforce the existing laws. No new laws are needed.

For all of your bashibg of the NRA i hope you know how racist you are being. If not look up the history of the founding and ask why you hate blacks so much.

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In the end we all have to remember our Second Amendment was not put in place to protect us from criminals and random crime. It was put in place to protect the citizens from government.

Thomas Jefferson put it best: "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
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