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Originally Posted by Al Bundy's Friend Griff View Post
Private sales are not allowed in Illinois last time I checked. Anything secondary market in that state among others is illegal.
ever heard of a car? is Illinois surrounded by a moat with a no-fly zone? last time I checked, people could drive in and out of Illinois.

Originally Posted by Al Bundy's Friend Griff View Post
To be honest I had never heard of a bump stock before this. I am shocked to learn that it was the Obama administration that gave them the legal go ahead. The conspiracy theory in me almost wants to say that they wanted something like this to happen so that gun control can happen. But that would be crazy. I mean no one in his administration would ever use a tragedy or emergency for political purposes.

Now that I know about them I think it might be fun to plink with one time but I have never been a spray and pray shooter. Just a waste of ammunition. The only fully autos I really want are small calibers like the MP5 or MP45 or some others.
there you go again, doing a Conway. While your statement may be by its very definition technically correct, it's not like the Obama admin was falling all over themselves to approve bump stocks. rather, under current law, they couldn't find legal language to prevent the sales. of course the NRA is there to cockblock anytype of reasonable legislation.

Did Obama administration approve bump stocks? | PolitiFact
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