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Originally Posted by Nismom View Post
Are you SERIOUSLY using Snopes as a "credible" fact-finding source?!?!?!
trust it more than you and Griff's half-cocked 'sources'.

find me one example where Snopes was completely wrong. I can bring up many examples of you being mis-informed, just plain wrong (i.e. You believing Obama was born in Kenya). That's the bigger

Originally Posted by Nismom View Post
You're finally getting it!!!

It's a known fact that cities with less-strict gun laws also have LESS crime. Why? Because an ARMED criminal isn't going to fuck with an ARMED citizen!!!
explain Japan and Great Britain. When's the last time they had a mass shooting? Guess what, they have severe gun restrictions.

Australia recently implemented a severe gun restriction program. guess what, no mass shootings yet.

Also, having people armed during a mass shooting incident is simply a recipe for disaster.

Originally Posted by cpo_sharky View Post
geography man. you do know the surrounding states/counties have less restrictions. just grab a gun from a neighboring county/state and drive it in.

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