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Originally Posted by RIZAMAN View Post
Word all the way. It's like sports when you know the game, you get more out of it. Did 6 years of guitar, 8 years of piano when I was younger. Quit them both and started percussion and drumming and (unfortunately) never looked back.

I love percussion, but kick myself everyday for forgetting the other instruments I would have been a master.

Last year was rough too, but Prince and Bowie were not quite my deal, even though I respected them as artists. Glen Frey was one that hit me a bit last year though. As mentioned this year with Butch Trucks and Gregg Allman was a serious blow. Petty was like FUCK you gotta be kidding me..Noooo.

It fears me to think about who's next.

We could jam our troubles away man, the way music is supposed to heal.

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