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Kneeling for the Anthem doesn't fly with me. If anyone wants to disrespect this country they sit or kneel for the anthem.

Yes, it is far from perfect, but as I've said there is sooo much good here, and promise to get through this shit (and on to the next).

If you are upset at the way things arr being run, disrespecting the flag and all its symbolism by not recognizing the goddamn anthem get the fuck out and leave.

Stand up for the anthem and respect what you love about it, instead of cowering towards the seeming path of least resistance, and taking a knee. Pussies. There is no better way to divide the people.

I'm a naturalized American. I do not agree with a fuck ton of shit going down these days. I will ALWAYS stand for my anthems, with my hand on my heart.

Pride isn't always easy so suck it up and buy some if you have to. I'm sure the NFL, an American organization, surely pays these asshats enough to afford a tutor to teach them the definition of pride.

Fuck Kap. Wrong way to put your word out. Period.

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