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I can't imagine they'll find much in the CTE investigation because he didn't play very long. Not saying they won't find anything, but probably not much football-related. They're saying he smoked synthetic weed and that is known to cause psychotic episodes, which could explain a lot, if not most of it.

I know some people are saying it's the money angle - the victim can't touch his estate and his daughter would get what was guaranteed in his contract, but you have to wonder if he even knew that. If he did, and his GF was bitching about money, maybe that's what he did....?

Of course, then people are slamming him saying that his daughter probably would have wanted his time instead of his money, except she wouldn't have gotten that either. He was sentenced to life WO the possibility of parole, and kids aren't allowed to visit prisoners, so maybe he thought he was doing the best thing he thought would help her have the best life....? But why was he appealing his conviction then? Did he feel there was no hope of that?
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