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xeene is just really nicexeene is just really nicexeene is just really nicexeene is just really nice

This place is like buddy's garage where a handful of people come to hang out and shoot the shit. Nothing to do with cars what so ever but a cozy little place to chill
I don't mind politics, there is no way to avoid it. As long as everyone respects other people and their opinions, all is good.
Religion in other hand, I'd rather avoid. World would be a better place without it and this is coming from a jew.
Speaking about religion, here is a joke I found on reddit:

Guy in a bar explaining about the Titanic, and how the sinking was the fault of the Jews.
"That wasn't us" protests an astonished Jewish listener," that was an iceberg".
"Iceberg, Goldberg, you're all the fuckin same."
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