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LOL what a bunch of pussies you have become in your old age...

First of all - it's funny that you guys care NOW about Trump ALLEGEDLY working with the Russians, but I bet none of you even know or CARE that Clinton sold our military secrets to Russia, China, Iran, and God knows who else!

And no, this is not speculation - you may remember my Dad has worked for Northrop for over 30 years, in the B2 Division. You know, the FORMERLY Stealth Bomber....? Who the fuck do you think sold us out to Russia so they could detect the B2? At the same time that he was doing that shit, he cut military spending so far back that my parents almost lost EVERYTHING!

We, as a country, were EXTREMELY vulnerable, thanks to Clinton. Thank God we weren't attacked - it would have been 9/11 all over the place.

I'd also like to point out that, as much as you guys BITCH about this thread - you're still in here posting. Like erry day.

B. It's like the ONLY live thread in OT, and most of the site for that matter!

4. You guys complain about lack of content, but what are YOU contributing? What threads/funnies have YOU posted....?

P.S. None of this is directed at anyone in particular. I still love you all! <3 Kthxbye.
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