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Originally Posted by Sassan View Post
Ok......I have a simple counterpoint this question.

You are asking for an explanation in case the forecasters and scientists are wrong and the weather is the same in 10-20-30 years. Fair enough.

But what if they are right?
Fair counterpoint. If they are/were right and the world's climate goes to shit in 10-20-30 years it will mean we didn't do enough or never actually had any control in the first place.

If they are/were wrong, based on the 3 billion dollars already marked to the UN from US taxpayers, then the total sum of wasted money would be in the hundreds of billions for nothing (for US taxpayers anyway).

If climate change/global warming advocates want to involve everyone, then all of these climate taxes/fees need to go away. As of now, it's all being driven by billions and billions of cash.

Thorsten Herdan, the leftist German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy told BBC News that the world can’t stabilize CO2 emissions without making polluters pay.

The fucking EU wants countries to pay (global taxes) for their carbon dioxide "pollution." They can suck a dick while paying their own EU CO2 taxes.

Germany to push for carbon price at G20 - BBC News

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