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Originally Posted by cpo_sharky View Post
You remind me of the typical bible thumper that screams jesus is coming and that we had better believe it.

Let's try a reality check.....

Has anyone here ever personally experienced a man-made climate change event? If so, please tell your experience.
the fuck is a 'man-made' climate change event? go take your straw-man argument and go shove it up you know where. comparing scientists with bible-thumpers? really? sure go ignore literally thousands of PEER-REVIEWED studies tying increased carbon in our atmosphere with increasing temperatures. your apparent anti-intellectualism displayed is pathetic.

it's your choice to go stick your head in the sand. the flat-assed state of florida is one of the first states to experience negative effects of rising sea levels:

I guess this explains your refusal to believe the science: Neil deGrasse Tyson on climate change deniers - Business Insider

but hey, I'm just a shill for those evil scientists with their secret anti-petroleum agenda, because, you know all those filthy rich billionaire scientists are all in on this...

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