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Originally Posted by cpo_sharky View Post
Like religion, man-made climate change is a belief. Both religion and man-made climate change are infallible (they can't be proven wrong).

The point Griff was making is if scientist can't accurately predict a single snow storm within 24 hours, how can these same scientist predict with "settled science" what is going to happen years from now. The answer is they can't............

10-20-30 years from now if the weather and climate are basically unchanged from what we have today, what would be your explanation?
it's already happening. weather and more importantly, environments are changing at unprecedented rates due to rising overall temperatures:

Coral bleaching: Extreme heat pushes parts of the Great Barrier Reef beyond recovery - Science News - ABC News

West Antarctic ice melt is now ?unstoppable,? NASA report says | Al Jazeera America

The Polar Ice Caps are Melting - Fact or Myth?

imo, we are reaching the tipping point a lot quicker than scientists thought just 20 years ago. thanks to better satellite imaging and computer models, we get accurate info a lot quicker.

climate is like a teeter-totter...things warm up and cool down, all over spans of hundreds, if not thousands of years, allowing environments to adapt and adjust.
human contribution has made one kid super fat. like cartman fat.

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