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Seriously, what is SD thinking?!?! LA just got a shitty team! They don't need 2! And SD is the ONLY fan base for the Dolts! Everybody knows WE run LA, and the Chargers being a division rival will NOT be welcomed there! The Lambs get a pass because they suck, they have no fan base left there, they're not a threat to us, and they were there for YEARS. SD is making a YUGE mistake!!

I personally don't care where the Raiders end up, and I don't understand why the homies are getting their panties in a bunch over it. Teams move. Get over it. People move. It's life. I'm a fan of the TEAM, not the city/state. Fuck California. I'm glad to be gone and I can't blame the team for wanting to leave, too! Idiots like Jerry Brown are running the state into the ground anyway.

At least Vegas is close enough that the CA people can still go to games, plus it gives the fans in surrounding areas a chance to go to games. It's not like they're trying to be the North Dakota Raiders or something, geez. Get a life.
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