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Originally Posted by Diesel Clown View Post
how much do you pay for adt? also, does both ring and arlo have live streaming?
I have a killer, untouchable deal.

Ring will detect motion (actually goes off of heat, not motion) and I am still fine-tuning it. If a truck goes by, it will sent off the Ring sensor and alert my phone, but if people walk by on the sidewalk, it does not. Still working on it, but pretty happy. If you ring the doorbell, motion sensor goes off, alerts my phone, wife's phone, and son's tablet, and we can all check to see who it is. I love messing with package delivery guys......I say thank you as they are walking away, and they stop and look back like wtf. This is ideal for when I am away from home, kids are home alone, etc. My next step, I want to hard mount a tablet to the door or next to it, so that they can look at it on the spot.

With the Ring, if someone rings the doorbell, it sets off your phone/tablet.....not a chime. You can get one (I got the Chime Pro, is a chime AND wifi extender to help get faster notifications) and simply plug it in. My battery was charged about 3 weeks ago and is still at 83%, but remember I am still fine-tuning it and messing with it. You can also get the Ring Pro which is hard-wired and will always have power (may have live streaming too, not sure).

My complaint about the live streaming, so I can't just tap in on-demand. But I have that covered in the next section.

The Arlo runs off of batteries, I have not needed to charge them yet. Arlo has live streaming, and I have mine set to record for 90 secs when motion is triggered.
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